To get ready for e-Government initiative and to fulfill Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (JPJ) requirement to use biometric verification system, most of the Driving Institutes have to improve their current management system from manual key in system to a more systematic computerized electronic system. So that’s why e-Driving Software Company ( EDS ) has been established to develop a system which can provide total solution for driving courses and training system based on the JPJ-related requirement.

E-Driving Software main office is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. EDS is structured by a software team who is started planned and developed the system since year 2003. But the company is formally established at the end of year 2004 to cater the solutions need for Driving Institute in Malaysia.

Same as the other company, EDS also have its own marketing department to build and maintain the relationship between customers with the company, software team and support team throughout whole Malaysia to give the effective service to our customers who are using our system, and admin department.

Among the numerous driving institutes established in Malaysia, from the year 2004 till now, 42 of these driving institutes currently employ the e-driving system developed by EDS. EDS’s customers are located in almost all major cities and states within Malaysia. We are target to increase our customer range by provide solutions with latest technology and best customer service.

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Examulator ONLINE is an online application which designed to help you pass your driving license exam on the first try. The driving license exam is refer to the theory computer exam which you have to take after attend the theory class which known as "KPP" - Driver Education Course.


e-Testing & e-Training

This is a newly research and development solution by EDS for JPJ test. This solution utilize the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) Technologies with combination of others technology in vehicle to made the circuit examination become automate and centralize control.


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